Yassine Boulahfa

I myself have been researching medicinal cannabis for years. A few years ago I started making extractions from the cannabis plant for my chronic stomach condition. I benefited so much from my homemade oil that I started giving it to family and friends. They also benefited from the oil. It was passed on quickly and before I knew it my oil was in high demand.


I saw a proliferation of oil traders on the internet who often sold contaminated, ineffective or overpriced products. I then founded the SNSH foundation in 2017. SNSH is a non-profit patient foundation that provides medical cannabis against a cost-effective donation. In this way, everyone who is a member and of age can obtain controlled, clean and affordable products.


We make our products from our own organic plants from Ketama, Morocco. Personally, I think it is a right of every person to be able to use cannabis (oil) as a medicine

Customer Support

Since the establishment of the foundation I have been working for the SNSH foundation.


You can contact me for all your questions about memberships, orders and questions about the products etc